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reverse flash vs zoom

So what gives? As a result, Hunter was emotionally scarred to such an extent that he was propelled to the life of crime, moonlighting as a serial killer to quench his violent urges. KjraGaming. Finally, there is one easy-to-spot visual cue that you can usually use to tell one from the other. Let’s talk about the individual superheroes for a bit first…. He also has an amazing scientific mind, able to conjure up the Velocity serum to enhance his own speed. Without The Flash, there is no Professor Zoom, which would explain why Wells is so hellbent on Barry reaching his full potential. All MCU Characters Who Could Appear in Nick Fury’s Disney+ Series, Zack Snyder’s Justice League Could Release On IMAX Screens, MCU Spider-Verse Theory: Kraven Will Hunt All Multiverse Spider-Men, The Suicide Squad – James Gunn Casts Sylvester Stallone In A Mystery Role, 10 Endings The Popular Cancelled Shows Were Supposed To Have, Major Movies That Johnny Depp Turned Down In His Career, 10 Times Unknown Actors Became The Face of A Franchise, 20 Unbelievable Miniature Movie Sets That Will Change Everything, 10 Best Shows And Movies of X-Men That No Fan Can Miss, 14 Most Fierce and Ruthless Characters To Exist In The MCU Movies. But the Reverse-Flash you need to know about is the second villain to take the title and Barry Allen's greatest foe, Professor Zoom. Much like the TV version of the Reverse-Flash, Daniel was ONLY referred to as the Reverse-Flash, never Zoom or Professor Zoom. Grant Gustin, who stars as Barry Allen, gave some interesting hints about where the show is going in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and said, "What the coolest thing about that moment, to me, is they're setting up the fact that the Flashpoint story line [from the comics] could potentially happen — that Speed Force could be an aspect and time travel is potentially a part of the show.". He's honestly more powerful than non-comic book readers realize and the show has only touched the surface of what the superhero can do. Well, we know who the Reverse-Flash is on The Flash, and now we have two potential identities for Zoom. By tapping into its energy, Eobard becomes the Reverse Flash and is transformed into Barry Allen aka the Flash’s greatest arch-nemesis. The first Reverse-Flash known as The Rival was the villain of the first Flash, Jay Garrick. As he belongs to the future, he knows everything there is to know about the Flash AND his enemies (including Zoom). He manipulates relative time, making it appear that he moves more quickly than anyone else around him, including the Flash. Eobard is also a user of the Speed Force. This stan is so obsessed with Beyonce being an even more badass entertainer that they decide to become a pop star to force their idol to step up her game. Crafty Media. Eobard would eventually go on to kill Barry Allen’s wife and nearly kill his new fiancée several years later before inadvertently getting his neck snapped by a desperate Flash, bringing Eobard’s initial discovery full circle and paving the way for a new take on the character. Notice Eddie's last name? I am here to help set everything straight by dropping some knowledge about The Flash and his greatest enemy. 2.0 changelog: The answer is – Reverse Flash. What's the difference between Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom? 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Reverse Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh in Season 1, is the epitome of how a TV Speedster villain should be. After that, things changed dramatically. Zoom is the guy that broke the Scarlet Speedster, both literally and figuratively. ZOOM VS REVERSE FLASH - EPIC BATTLE. Professor Zoom has killed Barry's mother along with Iris, and gone to great lengths in his obsessive rivalry with Barry. Hunter had an abusive father as a child. Poison Ivy Branches Out in All-New DC Super Hero Girls Animated Short. Also, this version of the character stems from Earth-2, which is something new. I was completely blown away by "The Man in the Yellow Suit." (Note: We are not taking into consideration the Black Flash version of Hunter Zolomon here as pitting him against Reverse Flash would just be plain wrong!!!). All thing must be taken into consideration. Eobard’s hate for Barry Allen is absolute. His sanity now all but gone, Hunter donned a costume inspired by the Flash’s previous nemesis and christened himself as Zoom. The CW’s Reverse-Flash, brought to life on The Flash by actor Tom Cavanagh, seems to have been largely If you’re looking at a comic book from before 2001, you’re looking at the Reverse-Flash. Instead, he uses some future machinery to amplify a Flash suit's speed energy, providing him with some superpowers only when he has it on.

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